If you are looking for a fast and effective way to seek employees in Slovenia, you are at the right place.

MojeDelo.com is among the 20 most visited web pages in Slovenia and by far the most visited career website in Slovenia. Over 7.000 Slovenian and foreign companies have already posted job ads on MojeDelo.com and more than 60% of our clients returned with more than one posting. More and more companies are using job ads on MojeDelo.com as their only mean of recruitment in Slovenia. The portal www.mojedelo.com in cooperation with its web and printed media partners offers you a wide range of promotional services among various means of communication.

Standard publication of your job opening

  • Publication of your advertisement for 30 days on www.mojedelo.com
  • Unlimited text advertisement.
  • We publish your advertisement on 29 partner’s websites.
  • We inform all active job seekers directly on their e-mail about your advertisement (database of more than 100.000 seekers).
  • Usage of administrative tools of Moje Delo.
Only 295,00 EUR

Premium publication of your job opening

Standard plus:
  • Graphic design of your job advertisement.
  • Your advertisement has extra visibility (graphics and logo) among similar employment advertisements.
  • The summary of your job advertisement will be published among the appropriate print partners we co-operate with (14 Slovenian newspapers).
  • Usage of administrative tools MojeDelo.com
Only 450,00 EUR

Top job posting

Premium plus:
  • Your advertisement has extra visibility (graphics and logo) among similar employment advertisements.
  • Professional counseling for the preparation of the advertisement’s content.
  • Publication of your advertisement on the entrance page of www.mojedelo.com.
Only 600, 00 EUR

  • 1. Fill in the requirements for new co-worker.
  • 2. We translate the ad in Slovenian language. All ads should be posted in Slovenian language by the law (postings in both Slovenian and foreign language is also acceptable). Please contact us for the cost of translation.
  • 3. We also prepare graphic design for your ad.
  • 4. We post it immediately.
  • 5. You instantly start receiving applications as you prefer: by mail or by regular post.